I'm Tygan 

I am a User Experience Designer who is endlessly curious about beautiful experiences, music, and human interaction in the digital age.  I am passionate about UX because the more efficient, positive, experiences we have with technology, the more time we have to interact with others and the world around us. I want technology to be a tool that brings us closer to these moments.



is my philosophy towards life and career: it's about determination to progress, commitment to exploration, and letting go of fear of the unknown.

To date, I have worked with a variety of clients - including large technology and software companies, startups, government organizations, and creative agencies. I've worked as support and as UX lead, and have cut my teeth designing highly technical B2B software for leaders in the IoT realm. I've most recently worked with startups designing BI dashboards and Open Source Data platforms, as well developing new products at a Nike Partnered Innovation Accelerator.

The variety has made me work nimbly and I have become skilled at being highly productive in any work environment. I'm currently looking for a role where I could sink my teeth into projects requiring full-spectrum UX, while working alongside exploratory and dynamic colleagues.

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